Linework Social Network

A team of ex agent of Intelligence Agencies from France DGSE and USA CIA/NSA have founded an innovative European Social Network based on the decentralized blockchain infrastructure.

What does it Mean ?

Linework is the fisrt worldwide Social Network dedicated to hearth population. It wants to position itself as a central player in the global socio-economic change, affected by the advent of new financial levers and new mass media. The project has the capacity to unite sectors with a strong drive in a single portal: let’s talk about that cryptocurrencies, social networks and technologies that are based on the Blockchain.

The entire Linework project is completed in its two main points:

  • The ideology underlying our Social Network
  • The economic independence derived from the Linework Coin as development engine

The Linework Coin (LWC) is therefore positioned as a real one investment tool, to optimize the Social Network and for enhance the development derived from this powerful means of communication, innovative in its conception.

The Social Network created by Linework was designed to respect simple but decisive features:

• A place where you can express your opinion without fear to be censored or banned, thanks to its structure decentralized.

To do this, Linework’s architecture relies on a front-end server whose DNS (Domain Name System) is hijacked by the former connection, redirecting it to decentralized servers on the model blockchain. Each node is built based on the previous one and not it can, therefore, be altered or duplicated without the whole network se is aware of this and validates access to the network.

• A powerful tool against piloted information, and where the true popular democracy since it cannot be condemned by no government authority.

Our ideology is based on the values of freedom of expression and of thought, also reaching the countries where the other social networks are blacklisted, safely, while preserving physical and moral integrity of each of its users.

• A tool also designed to promote your services in free way

All members can sell / buy freely, charging only after the transition has taken place the relative commission set in the programming code. All users can trade with CB / CryptoAsset, wire transfer direct banking, AlyPayo or other gateways offered by the Platform Stripes.

  • A portal to relaunch small businesses, which cannot afford the costs of advertising on other platforms, creating the own store in the dedicated section.

Hence the Market Place that will open the doors of the world and of worldwide business, free and without limits thanks to the LWC.

• A social that will allow anyone to create secret communities to which you can only enter upon invitation; but be careful there platform also has an algorithm designed to guarantee the safety.

Each report will automatically censor the post and the suspicious user; also to implement the protection of our users, the social has a Hybrid Algorithm of “image moderation” with “callback URL “to instantly verify content including:

Drugs | Minors |Weapons | Cyberbullying | Racial Hate | Revenge Porn

Linework runs on the Tor architecture and guarantee for peoples like Afghanistan, Iran or Russia to get not prisoner for having told a wrong word on Social Medias..

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Linework Inc.

Linework Inc.

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